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An Easy to Use Automatic Fare Collection Software For Your Facility 

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The completely automated mobile solution for fare collection

There’s now a better way to manage your transportation system. State-of-the-art card technology makes it possible to totally automate the collection of fares, whether it’s a magnetic swipe card or a contactless smart card.

Combined with a back-end software management system and a transaction processing platform, these technologies can integrate with your existing infrastructure to immediately save you time and money.

Enter the automated fare collection solution

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How Mobile Fare Solution Will Benefit Your Agency

Reduced labor costs for processing cash and paper-based passes

Requiring no hardware to purchase or maintain

Reduced vehicle boarding time

Increased customer satisfaction

How Mobile Fare Solution Will Benefit Your Riders

Get multiple fare passes and tickets within the app

Secure fare purchases with a credit card or checking account

Send a pass to a friend or family member

Easily display proof of fare to the driver


EZTransport has met all of our design specifications while providing the flexibility for us to to continue to grow. The MJM team are professionals that have proven to be invaluable through the entire process.

Vernon S. Chambers
Assistant Transit Director, Harris County Transit

No More Paperwork

Card-based fare collection puts an end to the management of inefficient ticket and voucher-based systems, saving you time right away and money down the line.

How automated fare collection systems can solve your biggest fare management problems:

Easy, Instant Reporting

Integration with transportation management software means accurate, up-to-date tracking and reporting. Get the data you need to make your program more cost-efficient to shave thousands off of your bottom line.

End Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Card technology creates instant accountability and security for your transportation system. Intelligent transportation technology will help you track and prevent abuse, saving you from lost revenues.

Streamline the day-to-day operations for all of your transportation management services

Our driver mobile app accepts fares electronically, captures trip data, and assists with routing and scheduling. The rider mobile app allows riders to manage their profiles including checking balances, viewing trips, finding providers, and more—all from a smartphone or tablet.

Driver and Rider Mobile Apps

Make it convenient to catch a ride. Get rid of on-site cash and paper-based tickets to eliminate the friction between your service and your customers. Use state-of-the-art card technology to fully automate fare collection, whether that’s a magnetic swipe card, QR code or contactless smart card.

Paperless Fare Collection

Accurate, up-to-date tracking and reporting with real-time transaction and fare tracking with state-of-the-art reporting and auditing tools that verify fare collection and trip record accuracy. Save money and meet your governing authority’s mandates without waste.

Easy, Instant Reporting

The transportation scheduling software provides a unique identifier for each participant and transportation provider, which helps give you a true picture of your program’s operations including trends and what’s happening on the ground—right as it happens.

Unique Identifiers