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Reduce the cost of managing passes, tickets, vouchers and cash by transforming your service levels and rider experience with our simple solution.

Eliminate Transaction Stress to Eliminate Operational Stress

You may already have a system you think works great, but the sheer amount of tickets, tokens and vouchers your company produces, tracks, and stores means high operational costs. With our automatic fare collection system, you can eliminate the endless paperwork that traditionally piles up, ultimately saving your organization hundreds of hours and reduces labor costs annually. Our combined card technology, full-featured transaction management software and program management expertise will make managing your business simpler and more efficient.

Tailored Software Solutions

Combined with a back-end software management system and a transaction processing platform, our technologies integrate with your existing infrastructure to immediately save you time and money. We have numerous integrations for existing systems and we’re willing to work with your existing vendors to come up with an integrated solution that best meets your needs. We also have our own cost-effective hardware and software solution that is fully integrated to EzTransport.

Paper-based fare collection systems are easy to manipulate and difficult to manage. This makes reporting an impossible task that leaves a high risk for waste, fraud and abuse. Our card technology creates instant accountability and security for your transportation system. Intelligent transportation technology will help you track and prevent abuse, saving you from lost revenues and system abuse.

Reduce Errors, Misuse and Fraud

Serving Government Agencies and Corporate Transportation Providers

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Managing Fares is More Than Collecting Fees from Passengers

Our automated fare collection system helps reduce costs of managing passes, tickets, vouchers and cash while providing accurate, paper-free, electronic reporting.

Start saving time and money today with EzTransport.

EZTransport is designed to help keep you and your passengers safe during Covid-19


EZTransport has features designed to help you and your passengers ride safely during Covid-19

Our mobile ticketing and taxi-programs will help your drivers and passengers to promote social distancing guidelines and remain sanitary while taking essential transportation.

Our Mobile Ticketing system  eliminates the need for cash and other paper-based fares to helps you protect your drivers and riders. Your riders can show this simple, user friendly app to the driver as proof of payment, helping to reduce cash and paper-based fares in the vehicles as well as providing an alternative payment option. 

Mobile Ticketing

Our Taxi Program option complements our paratransit programs with individual rides through taxis versus a shared-ride vehicle. This improves social distancing. EzTransport Taxi is available to agencies to provide control and auditing of taxi trips, a system that is proven to lower shared-ride paratransit trip costs.

Taxi Programs

EZTransport has met all of our design specifications while providing the flexibility for us to to continue to grow. The MJM team are professionals that have proven to be invaluable through the entire process.

Vernon S. Chambers
Assistant Transit Director, Harris County Transit

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Streamline the day-to-day operations for all of your transportation management services

Our driver mobile app accepts fares electronically, captures trip data, and assists with routing and scheduling. The rider mobile app allows riders to manage their profiles including checking balances, viewing trips, finding providers, and more—all from a smartphone or tablet.

Driver and Rider Mobile Apps

Make it convenient to catch a ride. Get rid of on-site cash and paper-based tickets to eliminate the friction between your service and your customers. Use state-of-the-art card technology to fully automate fare collection, whether that’s a magnetic swipe card, QR code or contactless smart card.

Paperless Fare Collection

Accurate, up-to-date tracking and reporting with real-time transaction and fare tracking with state-of-the-art reporting and auditing tools that verify fare collection and trip record accuracy. Save money and meet your governing authority’s mandates without waste. 

Easy, Instant Reporting

The transportation scheduling software provides a unique identifier for each participant and transportation provider, which helps give you a true picture of your program’s operations including trends and what’s happening on the ground—right as it happens.

Unique Identifiers